City of Food Master is the further award assigned as part of the Bologna Award

for commitment to communicating the values of agri-food sustainability, the right to proper nutrition, and food education.

"City of Food Master"

Since 2017 "City of Food Masters" is in force which are the further awards given as part of the Bologna Award for their commitment to communicating the values of agri-food sustainability, the right to proper nutrition, and nutrition education. The awards do not provide for financial recognition and are awarded to writers, journalists, popularizers, actors and professionals in the agri-food and gastronomic sector.

The winners of “City of Food Master” 2020

Andreas Kipar | After graduating from Essen and the Politecnico di Milano, he began an important professional career in the field of landscape planning and design. Together with Giovanni Sala, in 1990 he founded the company LAND (Landscape Architecture Nature Development) in Milan. In addition to the Italian headquarters, LAND has offices in Lugano in Switzerland and in Düsseldorf in Germany. From the masterplan to the attention to detail, LAND deals with urban redevelopment, parks, natural areas and agro-landscape systems, green infrastructures, green spaces for retail and companies. Starting from the assumption that "every landscape has its own soul, a reflection of the society that gave it shape", the firm's mission is directed to  a multidisciplinary and unique approach, in a way that manages "the complexity of seemingly fragmented landscapes to bring them back to a potential unity "and allow them to become real places. This approach translates into diversified, effective and original projects, where individual realities are harmonized in an overall vision that always places man and society at the center of the various strategies.

Luca Mercalli | Italian meteorologist, climatologist and popularizer. He studied Agricultural Sciences in Turin, with a specialization in agrometeorology, acquiring a master's degree in Alpine geography and mountain sciences at the Edytem Laboratory of the Université Savoie Mont Blanc in Chambéry (France). He was mainly involved in research studies on the history of the climate and the glaciers of the Western Alps. After a period of service at the Agrometeorological Office of the Piedmont Region, he undertook the presidency of the Italian Meteorological Society. He is a lecturer in climatology and glaciology at several universities. He is the founder and director of the Nimbus magazine and collaborates with la Repubblica, La Stampa and Il Fatto newspaper. Known above all for his participation in the Raitre, "Che tempo che fa" program, he conducted Scala Mercalli, in which he tackles the matter of environmental sustainability.

Alessandro Malavolti | The president of FederUnacoma, from Emilia, with a degree in economics, is the owner of AMA, one of the major industrial companies in the component sector. He was president of Comacomp from 2010 until his current position, Malavolti has also held roles of responsibility as a territorial representative of Confindustria Reggio Emilia.

Leah Penniman | special mention goes to the US activist, leader of the movement for food justice, organic and regenerative farmer, founder of the organic family farm Soul Fire Farm.

The winners of “City of Food Master” 2019

Lucio Caracciolo | geopolitics expert, director of Limes and president of Macrogeo who studies food in relation to migrations and world evolution. He is considered as one of the leading Italian geopolitics experts. After studying philosophy, he joined La Repubblica in 1976, and then became head of the political section. From 1986 to 1995 he directed MicroMega, and in 1993 he founded Limes, which he still directs today. He teaches international relations at the San Raffaele University in Milan and at the Luiss Guido Carli in Rome and writes analyzes and comments for La Repubblica and L'Espresso.

Eliana Liotta | essayist and popularizer who has conveyed research on food, health and sustainability with The Smartfood Diet, an international best seller currently being published in over 20 countries based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet and on nutrigenomics studies. She made a stop in Bologna with her new publication, "Prove di felicita" (La nave di Teseo). The book that teaches us how at the table we can cultivate happiness, choosing the foods that influence smiles and body well-being.

Massimo Montanari | italian historian, full professor of Medieval History at the School of Literature and Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna, where he also teaches Food History and directs the European Master "History and Culture of Food". He also teaches at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. He is considered as one of the world's leading food history specialists. He is the author of numerous essays, translated into many languages, on the relationship between food, economy, culture and identity. He has devoted his attention as a scholar above all to two lines of research, closely integrated with each other: agricultural history and the history of food, intended as preferential access routes for a reconstruction of medieval society as a whole.

Federico Quaranta e Nicola Prudente | the couple known as Fede & Tinto lead the cult program of Rai Radio2 dedicated to the world of agriculture and gastronomy Decanter which raise awareness on the sustainability of food every evening. By chance they entered the world of food and wine communication, and in just a few years they managed to become opinion leaders in the sector, managing to make haute cuisine, taste and the world of wine an accessible and appreciated content not only by professionals but also by passionates. In 2008 they entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having toasted in Piazza del Duomo in Spoleto in front of thousands of people with a 2.50-meter-high glass of Asti DOCG. Fede & Tinto have also received important prizes and awards, including: in 2010, the Award for the best journalistic program for the broadcast of Radio 2 “Decanter” awarded by the International Congress of Cuisine “Identità Golose”; in 2011, the Grandi Cru d’Italia Award dedicated to the best brands and the best Italian and international media that deal with wine; in 2012, on the occasion of the Oscar del Vino, they received the Special Jury Prize for the program "Decanter".

Decanter | the DOP program of Radio2, the first and only food and wine of the ether, a point of reference for 15 years for all lovers of good living. Fede & Tinto, voices and faces of eno gastronomy that entertains, tell about food and wine for what they are or should be: cheerfulness, conviviality and substance. Alongside them, Andrea Amadei, the beauty and the good of Radio2, and the forays into the program he made are real insights into the food culture of the Bel Paese. From Monday to Friday at dinner time, a modern banquet brings together, at the same table, onlookers and professionals in the sector, novice cooks and starred chefs, housewives in search of inspiration and young people hungry for novelty. Decanter is an exchange of thoughts in the name of good taste.

Antonio Riccardi l the Italian poet, writer and literary critic. Literary director of Mondadori in the past, editorial director of Aboca Edizioni and SEM, today.

Pier Luigi Petrillo | full Professor of Comparative Public Law at the University of Rome UNITELMA-Sapienza and member of the Board of Directors of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, as well as Head of Cabinet of the Ministry of the Environment, Bologna Award 2019 City of Food Master for the commitment to issues of sustainability and education to cultural heritage, including agri-food, profuse as part of his institutional roles at Unesco, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism.

The winners of “City of Food Master” 2018

Antonia Klugmann | chef. Antonia's work is inspired by the identity of local products, without however renouncing external influences. L’Argine a Vencò (opened at the end of 2014 in Dolegna del Collio in the province of Gorizia) is a small country restaurant with the world as its horizon. Territory, seasonality and plant elements are the cornerstones of her cuisine. The beauty of the surrounding landscape, the vegetable garden and the vineyards are the main sources of inspiration. Working in the countryside means having a deep respect for the territory and its origins. The prevention of waste is, therefore, a priority. For this reason, only small targeted purchases are made, and the number of guests welcomed in the restaurant is limited. Using creativity and technical skills, no part of the animal and vegetable ingredients is discarded.

Filippo La Mantia | innkeeper and cook, as he likes to define himself, at the age of 14 he started strumming in the kitchen and has never stopped. He works in Palermo, Rome and Milan. For him in the kitchen the raw material is fundamental, he often tells of a memory that passes through the touch, his grandfather took him in a carriage to the Vucciria market in Palermo and among those stalls he learned about food. Basil, mint, fresh fennel, eggplants, oranges. Flavors and aromas that he always carries with him, to then propose them in his dishes.

Caterpillar | cult program of Rai Radio2, as a sign of thanks for the widespread awareness carried out daily through the choices and editorial content around the values of environmental and agri-food sustainability. The award was given to the authors and conductors Massimo Cirri and Laura Troja. Born in 1997 from an idea of Massimo Cirri and Sergio Ferrentino, since 2000 alternated with Filippo Solibello, Caterpillar is scanned daily, from Monday to Friday, an "am" slot in the early morning and a slot broadcast at the end of the afternoon . Attention to environmental and food education is evidenced by a historic commitment to broadcasting, through events such as "M'illumino di meno" for energy sustainability and "Primo non waste", the format of lunches and dinners with recycled food launched together with the Last Minute Market Zero Waste campaign.

Joseph Puglisi | professor of structural biology at Stanford University, the professor and researcher has been working for years with his team to investigate the role of RNA in cellular processes and, through an innovative start-up, has selected a wide range of plant proteins capable of producing a palette of flavors and aromas identical to cured meats, sausages and steaks: a delicious choice for vegetarian and vegan food choices.

Giovanni Delù | the young man from Piedmont who became the most famous horticulturist in France for his work at the "court" of the gardens of Versailles, every day not only cares for the greenery of the Royal Palace of the Sun King, but also the royal gardens where he grows good and healthy food.

Nick Difino | the first Italian food-hacker, he conducted several food-hackathons collaborating with important "disruptive" organizations, including the Future Food Institute and the Barilla Center Food Nutrition Foundation. Author, actor and director of his live shows in which he combines food, music and words and figurative arts. He has conducted TV broadcasts, I write about food and innovation for La Repubblica, popularizer and communicator, advisor for restaurants, speaker and / or art-director in various productions and festivals.

The winners of “City of Food Master” 2017

Stephen Ritz | teacher and innovator, he is one of the most loved and effective communicators of our time about food education. Director of the National Health, Wellness and Biodiversity Center in New York and creator of the Green Bronx Machine, in the South Bronx in New York he created "edible" walls, exploiting the principles of hydroponic agriculture (without land) and transforming schools into vegetable gardens. A project of urban "farms" (there are about a hundred) that involved thousands of children, often disadvantaged, from the schools of the Big Apple, accustoming them to healthy eating, to work and giving them a possible future. Ritz often praises the excellence of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, underlining the need to produce quality food, according to a logic of environmental sustainability. He is the fresh author of a cult book that is revolutionizing American food philosophy, "The power of a plant", which has become a valuable handbook for millions of US citizens and for the younger generations.

Michiel Bakker | head of the Google Food Service, he is an international agri-food expert, for 25 years engaged in research linked to the international network and innovative research. As Director of Global Food Services for the well-known Google Food Program he supports and carries out his research for the global Google community, tens of thousands of employees around the world. Bakker's philosophy is devoted to the satisfaction, well-being and of course the health of every single individual committed to Google. In this research Bakker engages the expertise that derives from his long collaboration with Starwood's Food and Beverage in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Michel Bakker also holds a Business Administration Bachelor in Maastricht (the Hotel Management School), an MBA from the University of Bradford, and other Masters at US educational institutions.

Douglas Gayeton | award-winning American multimedia artist, director, screenwriter and photographer, he directs the Lexicon of Sustainability project. In 2009 he published his first book, Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town, which tells the story of the Slow Food movement in Tuscany through photographs and research, with an intro by chef Alice Waters and a preface by the movement's founder, Carlo Petrini. The Lexicon of Sustainability has become a wide-ranging project and an exhibition course carried out with the Future Food Institute: the format involved students / researchers / activists from all corners of the globe. The group worked together to tell the world stories of excellence on sustainable agriculture, local production and the enhancement of rural areas, using an innovative communication technique in which photography and lexicon merge, bringing to light the hidden value of landscapes rural areas, local gastronomic excellences and giving voice to the protagonists who make them possible.

Licia Colo’ | journalist and presenter and the editorial staff of Linea Verde – Rai1. Traveler and tireless dreamer, she has made her love for nature a philosophy of life. In programs such as "Noah's Ark" and "The company of travelers" Licia Colò has poured all her passion for travel and discovery. In Rai she hosted, among others, the documentary broadcasts "Geo & Geo", "King Kong", "The planet of wonders". She collaborates with various newspapers and dedicates effort _to raising awareness among the very young, collaborating with Mickey Mouse. As an author and host of television documentaries, but also for her books, she has been awarded numerous awards. At the foot of Kilimanjaro, which she conceived and run for 15 years, she received awards including the Telegatto as the best information program in 2008. In 2001 Licia Colò founded the non-profit organization Animali e Animali and then the information site Animali and Environment. Many awards: the national prize "A forest for Kyoto", which was awarded for two years, the Ambassador of Nature and the Ambassador for biodiversity. There are also numerous books of which she is the author. Currently he hosts on TV2000 “The world together”. Linea verde: this is the Rai 1 program that has been describing Italian agriculture and its excellence for over half a century, highlighting the best examples of cultivation, production and recipe processing of national agri-food products. A red thread with the earth in a vision of sustainability, present with increasing commitment in recent editions and enhanced by the editorial staff in relation to issues such as food education, food waste, resource consumption.

Ibrahim Abuleish | special Prize for the founder of Sekkem Farm. The Egyptian doctor and researcher known for promoting agriculture that respects the environment in his country offers work through the Sekem project, a biodynamic company, which employs over two thousand people and has been able to transform thousands of hectares of sand into a garden. Respect for nature, therefore, social commitment, care for the land and the fight against waste distinguish Sekem. Ibrahim Abouleish was also awarded the Right Livelihood Award for creating a business model that combines social and cultural development.

Coop. Sociale Il Bettolino of Reggio Emilia | special Prize for socio-agricultural activity. The cooperative recognizes the disadvantaged person as a resource, promotes their integration and enhances their working skills, building a path aimed at individual growth in close relationship with the network of local services. The final goal is to create the conditions (individual and social) to place the worker in the ordinary labor market through an educational path. It is a mixed-type cooperative that grows organic and non-organic basil and its packaging. It provides sweeping and manual cleaning services of streets, areas and public structures, including the collection and transport of urban waste, limited to its delivery to the collection center, manages collection and maintenance centers for green areas. The provision of these services is aimed at the insertion of disadvantaged people.

Bologna Award